Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tree Art: Bex Wild

The pictures of the 'people' in the tree was around the idea of people passing through the park but no-one ever stopping and it was looking at the idea of transition. The park was also a burial ground which is why i chose the location of the tree because the tree is now living from the remains of those who once lived. The people can be symbolic of these lost people as well as for those who are still living around it. Having people that were partially see through as well gives the impression of a ghost-like presence that is invisible until the light catches upon them.
The button piece was an idea to display all the lost buttons i had collected in that park and the surrounding areas and i displayed them within the marking and grooves of the tree to display them without being too obvious and also to decorate or enhance the tree in a simple way.

The Bex Factor:

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