Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections #7 Nature Hikes
A meme for unpublished and abandoned photographs found on my computer harddrive started by Tasmanian Ceramic Artist Kim on her blog Frongpondsrock.

This week I am publishing the photographs I took during some recent nature hikes in the United States and Israel.

I am always inspired by nature's beauty and I love the challenge of a good long hike! I am also constantly hoping for a quick return of Spring and Summer during these nasty winter days in New York City...

New Paltz, New York:

Ice Caves and Sam's Point, Northern Shawangunk Mountains, New York:


Western Maryland in the narrow between West Virgina and Pennsylvania:
 Golan Heights, Israel:
 Negev Dessert, Israel:


  1. I like the rock face in the second photo very much. I have been thinking about some sculptural pieces using layers of clay and that rock face is the type of effect that I am after. Thanks for the ceramic daydream Adam :)

  2. I also like the rest of your photos, I especially like the irony of the no littering sign

  3. What beautiful photos - some pretty unusual ones too! I love the tree trunk resting across the ruined building, and the lovely juxtaposition of the underwater rocks and the reflection of the trees in the water.

    The ice caves look spectacular too!

  4. Kim: I didn't notice that face at first! I can't stop seeing it now! I am glad to have brought up that connection for you...Happy ceramic-ing!

    Carolina: Thank you, I am always inspired by being there!

    Jay: The ice caves are amazing! I highly recommend that hike if you are in New York!