Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections #5 Water
A meme for unpublished and abandoned photographs found on my computer harddrive started by Tasmanian Ceramic Artist Kim on her blog Frongpondsrock.

For this weeks post I am focusing on the theme of water...Here is a compilation of photographs I have taken that relate to this theme of water.


  1. i feel the need to go and pee now ;-)

    Love the night shot, the last one with the reflection and of course that first 'poem'. Lovely selection.

  2. I like how the pattern of the water as the duck swims along looks like watery feathers, almost like angel's wings. Thanks Adam I have been sitting here at the computer having a lovely ceramic daydream :) I am off to sketch some quick designs before the inspiration vanishes :)

  3. That door is intriguing, isn't it? I'd have had to photograph that, too!

    And I love the pier/jetty picture too. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful. Love the close up of the foam on the beach.

  5. Having lived in the desert for ten years, I have a new appreciation for water -- your photos are beautiful.