Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections #3 Animals
A meme for unpublished and abandoned photographs found on my computer harddrive started by Tasmanian Ceramic Artist Kim on her blog Frongpondsrock.

For this weeks post I am focusing on the theme of animals...Here is a compilation of photographs I have taken that relate to this theme of animals.


  1. Love 'em! I particularly like those which I assume are aquarium shots. Jellyfish and octopi or squid? Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Jay! The Jellyfish are from the aquarium in Mystic Connecticut, a place I used to love as a child and still fall in love with every time I go...which is far to little these days :(

  3. Thanks for joining in again Adam. The pigeons eating pizza made me smile:)

  4. Thanks Kim. I guess what they say is true the New York Pizza really is amazing (although I am still partial to Sally's in New Haven, CT)...The pigeons would make a very good campaign however for both the city and its major food staple! I can't believe a whole Pizza Pie was just left on the sidewalk...Wish I knew the full story!