Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Selections

Sunday Selections #2: Religion
A meme for unpublished and abandoned photographs found on my computer harddrive started at the blog Frongpondsrock.

This week's post features a group of photographs will have a theme. They are a compilation of photos I have taken at various locations that have to deal with religion, religious beliefs, and religious iconography...These photos are from Israel, Europe, and The United States.



  1. I love these pictures, very appropriate for a sunday!

  2. The satellite dish next to the golden dome really brings home the old and the new of this world of ours. Thanks for joining in Adam I have enjoyed your photos :)

  3. I love the satellite dish next to the golden dome! But I'm intrigued about the loaves of bread on the ground. What's the story?

  4. @ Jay, not too sure myself about the Challah bread on the ground. I saw this occasionally in Jerusalem. I definitely should ask my Israeli friends about this next time we talk...I could only speculate it was either stale and left for the birds, or maybe as some kinda mitzvah and given out to the less fortunate...but I have no idea the true intent.