Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Selections

This blog called Frogpondsrock started something called Sunday Selections. Participants are asked to go through their photo archives and post something on their own blog that has been previously unpublished. It can be an old photograph that has been neglected or one that was never intended to be published or shared. I love this idea of a weekly participatory photo sharing amongst people who blog!

I found out about this idea from a blog I read called Wandering the Dream Space and thought it was an amazing project that I had to partake in. I encourage all my readers and friends to do the same and share their photographs with us all!

My selection is the favorite photo from a series I took this summer from the backyard of my Harlem apartment. It is so wonderful to be able to have a personal slice of nature in an urban setting, especially on warm summer days (how I miss them!) when the butterfly bushes are swarmed with monarchs!

I initially intended on having this photo solely exist as wallpaper on my computer but I felt that it was beautiful and wanted to share this personal afternoon experience with others, so here it is as my first Sunday Selection!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks heaps for joining in. I like everything about that photo of yours. The angle of the building, the glimpse of sky, everything.

    I was reading an article online that said that New York city had a fantastic ecology all of its own.

    cheers Kim

  2. Thanks Kim! Its true, NYC has its own strange and beautiful ecosystem. Most people would think that it only exists in our parks but there are the rare and often hidden environments in every neighborhood...I am happy to be able to share my little space to the world!