Monday, January 24, 2011

The Question Project

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Question: What is more valuable, having lots of money or being happy and not having lots of money?


  1. Being happy is what is important. There are two types of people: those who are happy because they have material things and those who are happy whether they have them or not. The former group includes lottery winners whose marriages fail when the money runs out, the latter includes those who've gone from riches to rags and are philosophical - and still enjoy life to the full!

  2. You can't be happy without money. Have you ever been so broke you can't make rent? It sucks. However, if I can be financially comfortable but not loaded and still have lots of time to yourself then that would be ok. The idea that well-to-do workaholic business types work only for materiel things is dumb. They work for status and lifestyle, they work to feed ambition, to turn their noses up at everyone else. And that is what makes them happy. As for the marriage that fell apart... well, the number one cause of divorce is financial problems, more specifically the lack of money.

  3. Great answers! Do you both have any questions to pose for the next group of visitors to answer?

  4. Being happy and not having lots of money is more valuable than having lots of money. Assuming that the option "having lots of money" means not being happy.

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