Thursday, January 13, 2011

collective urban landscape project: H.C

Shot in 2010. Treatment 2011
To be defined together, but normally lambda print mounted on diasec
30 x 40 cm (can be up to 120 x 80 cm)

Well, this is quite an autobiographical picture: It was taken in late 2010, in Strasbourg, France. This is the Hospital Civil (Civil Hospital). Although I visit this town very often, I first saw this building one year ago as I was going through medical treatment; By this time, I was very nervous and I tried to depict this in my work: I don't make a photography of what I see, but a photography of what I feel. When entering this complex this is what you see in front of you...So I told myself: "well this is where I'm going, let's go..." And I looked at this building very carefully...really like its architecture, very imposing....But there was something amazing about that....Because I've been operated somewhere else, near that building in a smaller place: I went the wrong way...and I was a bit disappointed.

Simon P Laurent, Dijon, France.

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