Sunday, January 9, 2011

@#$% Censorship

The visual message for cultural freedom within humanist and socially charged art is even more charged since the recent reemergence of the ugly and repressive “Culture Wars,” where artists and artworks have been under attack by hateful and abusive fundamentalists, such as with the censorship of David Wojnarovicz’s A Fire in My Belly (1987); which was removed from a recent show at the Smithsonian titled "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture." 

Artists should not back down and art institutions should be uncensored and unaffected by the repression of the arts by disillusioned right-wing extremists. Artists we must make our voices heard through our images, and let them pierce through the nonsensical ramblings and cultural oppression of those fringe organizations that wish to nullify our freedom with their cafeteria brand (picking and choosing policies that appeal to their needs) of policy making.

Edgy art doesn't make the world a dangerous place. It is the cultural bigots' ignorant, hateful beliefs and oppressive policies that make the world a dangerous place. Education and culture for everyone is their worst nightmare...Lets scare the bullshit out of them!

End the Culture Wars!
Ende der Kriege Kultur!
terminez les guerres culturelles!
terminemos Con Las Guerras Culturales!
terminar a cultura da guerra!
arresti le guerre della coltura!
 סוף למלחמות תרבות!
סוף פון די קולטור מלחמות! 
!نهایی جنگ فرهنگ
Конец войны культур!

David Wojnarowicz A Fire In My Belly (Film In Progress), 1986-87 Super 8mm film, black and white & color Silent TRT: 00:13:06 A Fire In My Belly Excerpt, 1986-87 Super 8mm film, black and white & color Silent TRT: 00:07:00
Footage taken on camera phone outside Printed Matter, January 2, 2011. 

David Wojnarowicz
A Fire In My Belly, 1986-87/ 2010
Edited by Jonathan D. Katz and Bart Everly
With additional audio added from ACT UP demonstration June 1989 with David Wojnarowicz event
TRT: 00:03:59
Courtesy of The Estate of David Wojnarowicz and P.P.O.W Gallery, New York and The Fales Library and Special
Collections/ New York University 

Adam Zucker, Fuck Censorship, 2011, Digital Image
Click on image thumbnail for larger view

Get involved (answer in the comment section to join the discussion): Do you think there should be censorship within the arts (books, music, film, and visual art)? Are there any cases where censorship is justified? Who should decide these issues if so?

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