Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear you, yes you!
Do I know you? Do you know me?
How are you?

Did you wake up early or did you sleep in?

Did you go to work or school?
Did you learn something new?

Did you go on an adventure?
Did you have fun?

Did you laugh? Did you cry?
Did you make someone laugh? Did you make someone cry?

Did you meet someone new?
Did you fall in love? Did you tell someone you love that you love them?

Do you have plans tonight?
Are you looking forward to something that will happen soon?
Are you happy?

You don't have to write me back.


  1. You know me. I dont know much about you.
    I am feeling good today. I have no worries, though I feel guilty about telling occasional and unnecessary lies, lately.

    I woke up early today. At dawn. It was the first time in a long time where I saw dawn without staying up all night. It was PERFECT and clean.

    I went to work. I learned that it's not a funny or hip or cool idea to write ironic things like "Hey kid, dont't forget to brush your teeth and do your homework" inside anonymous holiday cards to underpriveledged inner-city youths.

    I havent laughed yet. I almost cried a little bit when I listened to "Hereos" by david bowie becuase that was one of the favorite songs of a girl(maybe the only girl) who I ever truly loved and who loved me. She died 5 years ago.

    I made some friends laugh last night, when I told them stories about the crummy date I went on. They were working at the record store when I bought the album "Heroes" by David Bowie. I was excited because I never heard the full album.

    I want to tell you that I LOVE you. Even though I dont really know you. You seem like a really strong SOUL.

    TOnight, I am staying at the Howard Johnson hotel. I am going to light candles and lay in bed with a beautiful girl and forget about everything but her.

    I am happy most of the time, but I'm always trying to forget

  2. and also, the album "Heroes" by David Bowie sucks after all- but the song is FOREVER WITH ME