Saturday, December 25, 2010

Breathe Inside

"Breathe" (2010) is a sound sculpture that was presented in collaboration with Jason Maas's video installation "Inside" (2010). The work was shown at VWVOFFKA gallery in Philadelphia in an exhibition called Soundoffka Vol. 2. A full length clip of "Inside" with "Breathe" can be found here!

"Breathe" in its exhibition state is a 3 channel sound sculpture.

The first channel consists of a composition centered around a relaxation breathing exercise, the melodic tonal harmony transitions into a repetitive rhythmic pattern symbolic of deep breathing and the cross-cultural patterns of meditation and ritual. The main melody (C, D, G) was created through a technique called throat singing then overlaid with a series of bells, music boxes, and ambient noise.

The second channel is a recording of throat singing sampled as a rhythmic and harmonious composition of ascending and descending chromatic scales.

These two compositions are layered and looped continuously through a 3 channel mixer allowing the viewer to participate in adjusting and fading each track individually. Additionally a microphone provides vocal participation where the viewer can create their own breathing or singing ritual!

We all have a deep primal connection through song, dance, and ritual. It was through this project that we sought to create a transformative experience for each viewer to share in this event!

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